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Rietumu Bank mobile applications
Rietumu Bank mobile applications provide safe and comfortable connection to the Bank.

Mobile applications

All major banking operations like wire-transfers, foreign exchange, account, card, deposit, loan, investment portfolio balances and statements are easily accessible though the App.

The new App can be used with existing tokens, as well as with brand-new DIGIPASS for Mobile.

DIGIPASS Is Now Mobile

New Digipass for Mobile is built-in into our new App! It is virtual twin of the well-know Digipass that is popular among our customers. It generates one-time passwords for low risk operations as well as electronic signatures that are used to authenticate external transfers. Electronic signature is generated using easy-to-read key parameters of the transfer that eliminates the risk of the MITM attack.


Electronic Signature Generator

So far, our customers used Digital Certificates, DIGIPASS GO-6 or DP700 devices to secure electronic transactions. By using these devices the customer is always in control of what exactly is signed and when the signature is sent to the Bank.

Mobile Electronic Signature Generator

The new iRietumu app cannot generate the signature for a given transaction. However, it can pass the parameters of the transaction to Digipass for Mobile which is built-in into the App and always accessible. Then, Digipass Mobile generates electronic signature that can be used at once.

Digipass for Mobile has two operation modes



"Signature" Mode – for signing the high-risk operations, like external payments or adjustments to key payment details. To calculate such signature, the key parameters of operation have to be passed to the Digipass: amount, currency and beneficiary account. Based on this parameters, Digipass will generate unique signature that can be used only for this operation.
"Identification" Mode – for low-risk operations when funds are not changing the owner: checking balances, log-in into the system, top-up the cards, foreign currency exchange, etc. In this mode, Digipass generates one-time passwords that are valid for a short period of time.

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Digipass Mobile Mobile bank
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Get Digipass Mobile

To get Digipass Mobile please contact your personal manager or visit us at our main office in Riga or any foreign representative office.


Step-by step guide on installation and use of the new app and Digipass for Mobile iRietumu manual (PDF).

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