Payment to MasterCard card of another bank

Rietumu Bank has implemented a fundamentally new payment service based on a solution provided by DECTA Processing Centre.

Rietumu Bank clients may remit funds from their current or card account to MasterCard cards, issued by any bank of any country, certified for such service. Terms of the funds receival depends on the bank issuer of the recipient card, and can range from several minutes to several days.

In contrast to other standard remittances, neither the receiver’s account number nor other accompanying information is required. All you need is the card number and the receiver’s first name and surname.

The money sent is automatically converted into the currency of the receiver’s country. For example, when the sender makes a payment in EUR but the receiver’s card is in USD, the receiver will automatically get the equivalent amount in dollars.

The new service can be used by all clients of Rietumu Bank, both private individuals and legal entities. Payments may be made via iRietumu online bank.

Limit per one payment for all Customers - 2 000 euros.

Monthly transfer limit of all payments per one Receiver:

  • Senders – private Customers – 8 000 Euros.
  • Senders – corporate Customers - 40 000 euro.

A commission charge for such payment is 2% of the amount (the minimum amount is EUR 3). In most cases, it is much more beneficial than a charge for a standard bank remittance.

The service is not available for payments to anonymous prepaid cards, gift cards and commercial cards.