Credit Portfolio Financing

We offer competitive financing/refinancing terms of a loan portfolio of leasing companies and other participants of the non-banking lending.

Rich experience of such transactions and seamless infrastructure allow Rietumu Bank to offer flexible professional solutions.

Region: EU
Loan amount: from EUR 3 Million
Loan type: loan, credit line
Interest rate: as agreed, depending on the risks and specifics of the project
Term: up to 5 years
Currency: EUR

Objective: project financing of transactions, financing of lease and mortgage portfolios, as well as consumer lending portfolios and other financial portfolios


  • Experience in the credited business area: minimum 3 years
  • Positive equity and profitability
  • Loan: up to 70% of the net volume of the portfolio


  • credit portfolio
  • right of claim to borrowers
  • pledge of company assets
  • pledge of company shares
  • personal and corporate guarantees

Issues about granting a loan and its conditions are considered by the Credit Committee of the Bank.

A loan is granted after the signing of the loan agreement, other documents and fulfilling all necessary conditions.

Applications for the financing of projects with signs of speculative transactions are not considered.

To apply for a loan, it is required

  • to have a current account in the Bank
  • to apply for receiving a loan
  • to present the required documents
Dmitry Bondarenko
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