When establishing cooperation, each client of Rietumu Bank concludes an Electronic Signature Agreement and gets access to the Internet Bank..

Access is available through the iRietumu system at https://i.rietumu.lv around the clock

Main opportunities of Internet bank iRietumu

All clients get access to an account with the following features:

  • Make payment transactions
  • Check the status of current and card accounts in real time
  • Order new cards and renew existing cards
  • Place deposits and control the state of the deposit portfolio
  • Monitor the status of credit transactions
  • Print copies of payment orders
  • Convert currency
  • Transfer funds between client’s accounts
  • Check the status of the investment portfolio
  • Receive notifications from the bank about key events
  • Make confidential correspondence with a personal manager, dealing and trading desk employees, credit managers, as well as with customer support service
  • Export statements to XML (Fidavista), CSV, PDF

System Requirements

The iRietumu system works on modern Windows and Mac OS operating systems and is compatible with the latest versions of popular browsers.

On the Internet Bank login page, you can check if your system is ready to work. If the system is not fully ready, the system will show the missing components and offer recommendations for their installation. You can contact your system administrator for assistance in implementing these recommendations or contact the bank's client support service.


Limits are set as an additional security element when making payment transactions via the Internet Bank. By default, unless otherwise specified when connecting to Internet Banking, limits are set as follows: single transaction limit – EUR 50,000, daily limit – EUR 300,000. Subsequently, the limits can be changed in accordance with the planned volumes of payments: both for a certain period, after which they will be returned to the previous level, and for an indefinite period - until further notice.

Timing for the Processing of Orders

Order processing time iRietumu system (https://i.rietumu.lv):

  • transfer of funds between client accounts: daily and around the clock
  • currency exchange: orders are accepted around the clock. Execution of orders up to 5000 EUR - around the clock, over 5000 EUR - after the dealer's acceptance (on business days from 9:00 to 18:00)
  • opening of deposit accounts and placement of funds on deposits: on working days from 9:00 to 18:00
  • Cancellation of orders awaiting debiting from the account - around the clock. Correction, cancellation and withdrawal of debited orders - on working days from 9:00 to 18:00
  • Customer support service by phone +371 67025555 - around the clock

The indicated time is Riga’s time..