Cross-Currency EUR Payment service allows you to make payments in foreign currencies all over the world at the most competitive rates.

When sending a cross-currency EUR payment, Rietumu Bank’s customer, sender of the payment, submits the payment order to the bank to transfer funds from his current account in EUR. Receiver of the payment gets an appropriate amount in local currency in line with valid exchange rates.

In order to send a cross-currency EUR payment, a customer has to fill in a standard payment order in EUR, in the field "Information for Bank" specifying:

  • FRX code word;
  • local currency code for receipt of a payment;
  • local currency name for receipt of a payment;
  • exchange rate;
  • amount in local currency for receipt of a payment.


List of currencies and valid rates for Cross-Currency EUR Payment are available on our website, or you can alternatively contact the bank’s customer service information centre by phone + 371 67025555.

Rietumu Bank’s rate applied to cross-currency EUR payments is valid every day until 15:00 p.m. (Cut-off time for EUR).

If the bank receives a payment after 15:00 p.m., or an exchange rate or amount are specified incorrectly, the bank will not execute the payment and will return the transfer amount and fees to a customer’s account.

Tariffs applied to cross-currency EUR payments correspond to standard tariffs on payments in EUR.