Mortgage in London and the EU

We issue mortgage loans secured on real estate in the territory of Great Britain (London).

We accept mortgage applications for the following purposes:

  • acquisition of real estate
  • refinancing of one’s investments
  • other (when approved by the bank)

Both the acquired object and the real estate already owned by a customer can be accepted as collateral.

Main Terms and Conditions

Region London
(possibly other big cities of Great Britain, when approved by the Bank)
Loan type mortgage
Borrower natural person
Currency EUR
Amount from EUR 700 000
Interest rate as agreed by the parties
Repayment schedule up to 15 years
Security real estate in London or another city of Great Britain, when approved by the Bank
Special conditions fee for loan application review - 0.1% of the transaction amount, but not less than EUR 1500

We provide lending on real estate in other countries of Europe. Information in the Bank.

Issues about granting a loan and its conditions are considered by the Credit Committee of the Bank.

A loan is granted after the signing of the loan agreement, other documents and fulfilling all necessary conditions.

Applications for the financing of projects with signs of speculative transactions are not considered.

Dmitry Bondarenko
+371 6700 5581