Standing order

A standing order is an instruction you give to the Bank to make fixed payments on a regular basis - for example your monthly rent or leasing payments, or any other recurring payments.

Any customer with a current account at Rietumu Bank may give a standing order instruction. On the day specified in the order the Bank will debit your current account and transfer money to the indicated account of the recipient.

Automatic Transfers to Card

Automatic card replenishment allows you to replenish your card account on a regular basis, in the required amount and in the specified period of time, without visiting the bank.

In an application for constant card account replenishment, you specify the exact amount of funds to be transferred regularly. This can also be a regular amount to cover the actually used credit limit, or the minimum balance of the card account.

You can also indicate the frequency of automatic card replenishment: every working day, once a week or once per month.