Investment approach

The asset management process is based on trust. We highly value your trust and we strive to retain it by devoting ourselves to reach your targets.

The task of the asset management team is to determine the best way to achieve the client's investment goal within the framework of acceptable risk and effectively adapt the portfolio to the changing realities of the markets, avoiding unreasonable risks and using the possibilities provided by financial markets to increase your capital.

We offer our individual approach and professional solutions for assets allocation in the financial market instruments that correspond to your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Asset management team’s approach:

  • Entrepreneurial approach to assessing investment opportunities

In assessing the investment attractiveness of companies issuing financial instruments, we pay special attention to the sustainability and prospects of the companies' business model as well as their financial metrics to determine their investment potential. A deep understanding of the competitive advantages of specific companies and the dynamics within each sector helps us to better assess the associated risks and long-term prospects of our investments.

  • Innovation and discipline

Managing your portfolio, we rely on the latest achievements of Modern Portfolio Theory and follow the Smart-Beta approach, which allows us to maximize the profitability of your portfolio without exceeding the specified degree of risk. In the management process, discipline is of key importance, since tens of thousands of events occur daily that affect the price fluctuations in financial markets and only a systematic and professional approach helps to maintain focus on achieving long-term goals.

  • Global View and Local Expertise

In the search for investment solutions, we do not limit ourselves to a few regions, but maintain a wide scope for the opportunities that global financial markets provide. However, expertise in investments in the European and Baltic markets remains an important factor that helps the asset management team in achieving our client investment goals.

  • Risk control

Every day we monitor and evaluate a number of economic and financial indicators for entire industries and individual companies. This approach allows us to better control the exposure to both systematic and unsystematic risks in our portfolios and for single assets. It also allows us to make timely decision on when to reduce or increase these exposures, as well as add on or eliminate specific risks.

How is your individual portfolio is created

  1. We determine your investment objectives and your risk profile
  2. Create your asset allocation policy based on your objectives and risk profile
  3. We start allocating your assets
  4. According to market situation and asset allocation policy we rebalance your portfolio
  5. Every quarter we provide you with the portfolio statement and market report