Everyone may need a safe place to store documents, jewellery, family heirlooms and other valuable items.

Rietumu Bank leases individual safe deposit boxes located in the Depository in the bank's premises in Rietumu Capital Centre.

Our Depository meets the highest security requirements and is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.

You can choose an individual safe of suitable dimensions.

The smallest cell is 41 x 245 x 435 mm – it can be used to store a folder with papers, a small case with jewellery, etc.

The maximum cell size is 300 x 260 x 405 mm – it will fit, for example, a rugby ball or a copy of a large imperial crown.

Individual safes at Rietumu Bank can be rented for different periods.

To rent a safe, you need to come to the bank in person and conclude an agreement.

When concluding an agreement, and to access your safe upon all subsequent visits to the Depository, you will need to present your identity document.

Provisions of the agreement, as well as terms of renting an individual safe and tariffs, can be found here: