Rietumu Bank provides its corporate customers with an opportunity to finance the development of their businesses in Latvia and the Baltic states.

Funds are provided in the form of a credit line - to increase a cash flow or a turnover, or in the form of a classical loan - for investment in current assets or for the implementation of new projects in areas such as construction, development, production, etc.

Consideration of an application: up to two weeks from the moment of provision of a full set of documents.

Loan type: loan/credit line/overdraft
Term: up to 10 years
from EUR 0.5 Million
Interest rate:
as agreed by the parties


  • Real estate in Latvia
  • Equipment, stock in trade, accounts receivable, etc.
  • Loan amount: up to 70% of the fair value of the collateral

Additional Collateral:

  • Shares and assets of companies
  • Personal and corporate guarantees

Additional Conditions:

  • Experience in the credited business area: minimum 3 years
  • Positive equity and profitability
  • Availability of cash flow which is sufficient for paying the interest rate and the principal amount.
  • Registration and insurance of collate
  • Issues about granting a loan and its conditions are considered by the Credit Committee of the Bank.
  • A loan is granted after the signing of the loan agreement, other documents and fulfilling all necessary conditions.
  • Applications for the financing of projects with signs of speculative transactions are not considered.

To apply for a loan, it is required:

  • to have a current account in the Bank
  • to apply for receiving a loan
  • to present the required documents
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