Time is indicated for business days.

Funds are debited from and credited the accounts during Bank working hours after successful validation of the payment instruction

The payment processing schedule is provided for information purposes only and not binding for the Bank. The payment processing times may change depending on various factors, affecting the execution of payment instructions, e.g. currency, amount, volume, etc.

Intrabank funds transfers within accounts of one owner

Channel Payment Instruction Received Value Date
Internet Banking, Phone 24h1 same day, 24h
Fax Till 17:30 same day
1 Daily, including weekends and holidays. Service is unavailable during banking end of day, from 22.30 to 01.00 Riga time (GMT +2).

Intrabank transfers

Channel Payment Instruction Received Value Date
Internet Banking Till 18:00 same day
In the office Till 18:00 same day
Fax Till 17.30 same day

Transfers to other banks

In the bank's office, using Internet Banking, by fax
Currency Economy
(next day1)
(same day1)
(during one hour, same day1)
EUR Till 15:00 Till 16:00 **
RUB Till 18:00 * Till 13:00 **
PLN Till 18:00 * (day after1)
JPY Till 15:00 * (next day1)
BYN Till 18:00 * Till 13:00 **
KZT Till 18:00 * (day after) Till 18:00 * (next day)
CNY *** Till 18:00 * (next day)
AMD Till 16:00 (next day1)
1 - value date
* - in the bank's office and by fax: 1 hour earlier
** - in the bank's office: 30 minutes earlier, by fax: 1 hour earlier
*** - Preparing a payment order, it is mandatory to indicate a Payment Purpose Code in the field "Information for Bank".

Incoming transfers

RUB Till 16:00 same day
Other currencies Till 17:00 same day