The Enterprise Link (E-link) system allows a connection to be established between the iRietumu internet bank and the customer’s corporate accounting system. Consequently this allows to automatically request and receive from the bank account information, as well as provide a bank with payment orders for execution, prepared on the client system.

Data receive (balance data, transaction data, payment details, etc.)
Transmission of payment orders

The E-link system allows the work with the bank to be optimised, making it more comfortable for big corporate customers who perform a lot of transactions on a daily basis.

E-link is activated in the iRietumu Internet bank on the Settings page. It is required to open the Enterprise Link bookmark, select the account and click on Activate. The system will request the one-time password from the DigiPass to be entered, and will show the electronic pass identifier which is required for further connection.

Enterprise Link System

To connect and further support the system, participation of IT specialists on the part of the customer is required.