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Classic Investment Funds

The fastest and most convenient way of investing in bonds, stocks and money market instruments.

The investment horizon, the degree of risk and the expected return are individual for each fund or a combination thereof.

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Individual solutions for investors with capital from 500 000 USD

Any information published on this webpage is provided for informative purposes only and does not constitute an offer, a recommendation or an invitation to use services, to invest in the products, or the financial instruments considered herein. Joint-stock company “Rietumu Banka” (further referred – “the Bank”) draws your attention to the fact that the transactions in the securities and money market involve risk and require appropriate knowledge and experience. Every investor has to conduct analysis and thoroughly weight up such risks before making his/her investment decision. Likewise, the Bank draws your attention to the fact that the information published herein in regard to the probable profitability and the correspondence to your interests and needs (including the investment calculator) is solely indicative, it does not take into consideration your personal circumstances, it can change under the influence of various factors, and it does not constitute any sort of a warranty for the future profitability.

The Bank, as well as the JSC “Rietumu Asset Management” IMF, both together and individually are not liable for the possible use of the given information by the investor, including any direct or indirect damages (including the lost profits) that arise by relaying on such information. The copying and dissemination of the given information is allowed only when the Bank and/or the JSC “Rietumu Asset Management” IMF grant the preliminary permission in written.

Should any questions arise in regard to the given information, we kindly ask you to get in touch with the client manager of the Bank and/or of the JSC “Rietumu Asset Management” IMF.

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Rietumu Asset Management provides its clients with an opportunity of forming an Individual Investment Portfolio.

The Individual Investment Portfolio is a flexible investment product compiled specifically for the client, with account of his goals, requirements, expectations and restrictions.

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