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Being engaged in the formation of its collection, Rietumu Bank has established tight connections with different galleries, auctions, museums and experts.

There is an agreement with Christie’s auction house on rendering support to Rietumu Bank clients who express interest in the arts.

Rietumu clients – Art Club members – will be able to timely receive full information about Christie’s auctions and also additional information about separate lots.

Rietumu Bank can represent clients who have no experience in auction participation, acting as an intermediary, representing clients at auctions and purchasing the specified lots.

If required by the client, Rietumu Bank may arrange an exploratory trip with visits to auctions and meeting experts in the art market. Personally attending such large auctions as Christie’s will allow clients to obtain an independent idea about international auctions, to feel their atmosphere and creative energy.

We anticipate that collaboration with clients within the framework of Rietumu Art Club will take place on an individual basis, depending on your interests, tastes, plans and strategies.

We wish you a pleasant experience and impressive results in this field!

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