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Before opening an account with Rietumu Bank

  • We recommend visiting Rietumu Bank personally: Although this is not required, we believe that nothing can replace a personal meeting, and the procedure of opening an account will be much more simple. You are welcome to schedule a meeting in advance. Latvia is an EU Member state, and direct flights to Riga are easily available from most European cities.
  • There is a one-time account opening fee for any Private or Business bank account.
  • The list of acceptable currencies that can be accepted for accounts servicing, transfers, paid out in cash, credited and held on the accounts of the client: EUR, JPY, RUB, AMD, BYN, CNY, KZT, PLN.

Documents required for legal entities:

  • Original company incorporation documents, including e.g. Incorporation Certificate, Articles of Association, Bylaws etc.
  • Documents, confirming the authority to open and manage company accounts e.g. a Power of Attorney, Extract from the Enterprise Register, Resolution, Minutes etc.
  • ID documents: a valid passport or National ID card.
  • Documents, confirming the beneficial ownership.
  • For companies incorporated more than a year ago: Certificate of Good Standing, certified by the Apostille.

For companies incorporated outside Latvia, the information concerning the Apostille, legalization and notary certification of the company documents, is accepted and analyzed on the individual basis depending on the jurisdiction.

For opening a corporate account, legal entities (companies, corporations) registered in the US should meet the following criteria.

Find out more about documents required to open a corporate bank account:
Terms and Conditions of "Rietumu Banka" and Customer Agreement
A set of documents for legal entity

Documents required for private individuals:

  • Identification document: a valid passport or National ID card.

When visiting the Bank for opening an account, residents of the countries with which Latvia maintains a visa regime require to present a travel document with entry stamp.

Find out more about documents required to open a private bank account:
Terms and Conditions of "Rietumu Banka" and Customer Agreement
A set of documents for private individuals

According to our “Know Your Customer” policy as well as the relevant European and International regulations, we may ask you to provide documentation on the origin of the funds as well as supporting documentation of the declared nature of your business and account transactions. For example, a description of products or services your company provides, of key customers & suppliers, the actual place of business operations, or related financial documentation. Failure to provide this information may result in rejection of your account application.

The Bank reserves the right to refuse any account application without further explanation. Certain restrictions on using our banking products may apply to residents of some countries.

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