Rietumu FX: Trading terms


The commissions are based on the trade value of the transaction (round-turn). Forex, Spot Metals, Spot Energies - 0.025%.

Trading accounts

  • Currencies: 1 lot - 100 000 of the base currency
  • Precious metals: 1 XAU, XPT, XPD lot is 100 troy oz. of precious metal, 1 XAG lot is 5 000 troy oz. of silver.
  • Energies: 1 lot XBR, XTI - 1 000 barrels, 1 XNG lot is 10 000 mmBtu
  • Minimum order size - 0.01 lot, maximum order size - 100 lots
  • Larger order sizes are possible upon a prior consent
  • Orders: market, stop, limit, trailing stop (no proximity restrictions)

Execution of various order types

Quotes on the platform are indicative. The execution price is dependent on the price and size that was available in the market at the time of the actual trade. Rietumu FX platform is configured to give the fastest execution possible. The platform does not use price smoothing mechanisms - we try to provide market quotes to our clients “as is”.

  • Market - execution type "market execution". The fastest execution of a given volume at current market prices with no re-quotes.
  • Limit, Take Profit - the execution at a specified price or better. Partial execution if only part of the volume is available at a given price (the order will be automatically resubmitted for the remaining volume). Limit order can be placed inside the spread.
  • Stop, Stop Loss, Stop Out – after triggering the "market execution" type order goes to the market. The order is executed at current market prices.

Marginal requirements

  • Marginal requirements are set with accordance to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulatory measures. For the specific marginal requirements refer to the Marginal Requirements page.
  • Stop out - the positions are liquidated when the margin level reaches 50%
  • Margin requirements for hedged positions - 1/10 of initial margin

Rietumu FX working hours

  • Quotes are available during platform hours from Monday at 00:00 to Friday at 23:59 Riga time (UTC +2), except during the daily maintenance period from 23:59 to 00:02 Riga time (UTC +2)

Special trading sessions

Metals and energies trading session follows underlying future contract trading time on CME and ICE exchanges

  • XTI: break from 00:00 till 01:00 Riga time.
  • XBR break from 00:00 till 03:00 Riga time.
  • XAU, XAG, XPT, XPD: break from 00:15 till 01:00 Riga time

Open an account, deposit and withdrawal

  • To open a trading account please complete the Rietumu FX application
  • For deposits or withdrawals please complete the cash funds transfer order
  • Deposits and withdrawals are done via internal bank transfer from 09:00 to 17:30 Riga time (UTC +2)

Completed applications can be sent using iRietumu or to [email protected] via your official e-mail. For related queries, please contact Customer Support by dialing +371 6 7025284