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Rietumu Asset Management – On Systemic Approach to Investments and New Opportunities

30-Oct-2018, 16:52 / Products & Services Member of the Board of Rietumu Asset Management Yuri Moskaliuk took part in the international conference InvestPro , held last week in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

In his speech, he told about the systemic approach to stock markets and alternative sources of receiving income.

InvestPro is one of the most authoritative business forums in Central Asia, which gathers several hundred entrepreneurs, investors, experts in corporate banking services and wealth management, lawyers and specialists in other areas from different regions of the world. The geography of the forum includes Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Cyprus, Russia, Denmark, Malta, Latvia and other countries.

When giving his speech for the conference participants, Yuri Moskaliuk demonstrated the advantages of a systemic approach to investments by using examples of thematic portfolios, developed and managed by Rietumu Asset Management for its customers.

Among them are portfolios such as Brands&Luxury, which includes stocks of manufacturers of leading international brands, Commodity Basket, where stock of the global commodity sector companies are accumulated, and Industry 4.0, consisting of stocks of leading innovation companies.

Yuri Moskaliuk also shared his vision on the prospects of investment into trust funds, which perform management of securities of realtors and other companies operating in the real estate industry, and told about the experiences of Rietumu Asset Management in working with this type funds.

The expert noted the advantages of these options for investments as broad opportunities for diversified investments and receipt of higher income compared with classical deposits, government stocks and other traditional financial instruments.

Moreover, Yuri Moskaliuk told about alternative options for investments which grow in popularity and open new sources for receiving income for capital holders. Taking into account these promising and actively developing trends, Rietumu Asset Management also started offering such alternative opportunities for investing funds to its customers.

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