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New in iRietumu – Package Signature of Payments

02-Nov-2018, 13:34 / Products & Services Please be informed on iRietumu online banking system new opportunity – package signing for payments.

It allows signing a whole group of payments simultaneously.

As a result of the new service, Rietumu Bank clients, when making several payments, do not need to sign every payment separately. They may be grouped together and signed simultaneously with the help of one’s physical or virtual e-signature calculator Digipass or digital certificate.

A group of payments for a single signature may be formed in advance and stored in the internet bank temporarily unsigned. Then, more payments may be added to the group during a period of several days up to the required moment of sending.

The new service is available to all clients of Rietumu Bank, both private and corporate customers. This way, companies may make their current payments and private individuals may pay for public utilities, different services, etc.

The new service will allow saving considerably time for employees of companies which perform a large number of payments daily. It is also convenient for private individuals who regularly make several payments – from now on they can be grouped together gradually, not wasting time to sign each payment separately.

The new service is available in the desktop version of iRietumu.

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