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New Standards of Identification for Online Payments

11-Sep-2019 / Products & Services Please be informed that in accordance with the European Directive PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2), new standards of security for payment systems will take effect in September. The purpose of these changes is to increase the reliability of online payments.

In accordance with the requirements of the Directive, the remote identification system will be changed for those customers of Rietumu Bank who have been using the Digipass OTP pendant. The use of the test tables and remote services via voice passwords will be terminated as well.

Currently, many customers of the Bank, apart from the Digipass OTP pendant, have had identification and authorisation sets given to them before, where are available devices Mobile DigiPass, DigiPass 700 or DigiPass 310. These devices can still be used for identification in all systems of Rietumu – they allow one to generate not only one-time passwords, but also keys for signing all types of orders, and are additionally protected by the PIN code.

Thus, from 12 September, customers of the Bank having Mobile DigiPass, DigiPass 700 or DigiPass 310 can use one of these devices for their remote identification.

In the event that the customer only has Digipass OTP, the following must be performed by 12 September to ensure your further comfortable use:

1) enter the internet bank iRietumu and install an additional PIN in the section “Settings” (Leading PIN). The additional PIN is entered together with the one-time password when entering the system - first the PIN code and then the one-time password;
2) apply to your personal manager in the Bank to get the Mobile DigiPass or DigiPass 310.

Please contact your personal manager if you have any issues in this regard or apply to our Information Service by phone. + 371 67025555

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