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Estonian Media on Lending Opportunities at Rietumu Bank

25-Apr-2019, 13:45 / Products & Services Estonian business news portals Äripäev and Deloviye Vedomosti publish an article on lending opportunities for local enterprises at Rietumu Bank.

The publications quote the Head of the Lending Department of the bank Arthur Juksh, who emphasises that Rietumu Bank does not limit its activities to the Latvian market only and is interested in continuing its lending expansion in the Baltics and other countries of the EU.

‘It has established historically – we have accumulated huge successful experience in international and cross-border lending. Whereas earlier, we were more involved in projects in countries to the east of Latvia, now the circumstances have changed and the share of the ‘European’ projects in our credit portfolio is growing steadily. We have what can be offered to the market – our capital, resources and professional expertise. And, finally, our intention and readiness to finance business projects in neighbouring countries,’ said Arthur Juksh.

The article states that Rietumu Bank is not a new player on the Estonian market. The bank has always been open to financing businesses in these countries and now they also form a certain share of the bank’s credit portfolio.

For example, Rietumu currently finances a local developer’s business – construction of the office and residential estate Kadrioru plaza in the centre of Tallinn. A considerable part of its premises has already been reserved by buyers and the project is referred to as ‘the biggest and most comfortable place for living and conducting business’ in the prestigious district of the Estonian capital city.

The article can be found here:
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