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Convenient insurance and new benefits of Rietumu credit cards

20-Jun-2019, 15:57 / Products & Services Rietumu Bank has successfully finalised an insurance programme for payment card users, which is particularly favourable and beneficial for customers during business trips as well as when travelling.

All Rietumu Gold and Platinum credit card holders can take advantage of the special benefits of this programme without additional fees and charges.

An important stage in the development of card service has been completed. The insurance programme, which was launched in the spring, includes a number of fundamental and unique innovations that help make a trip or travelling as comfortable and safe as possible.

When developing its service, Rietumu invariably focuses on the needs and interests of its clients, striving to take the specifics of their lifestyle and business into account. The bank customers – entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals – traditionally travel a lot, and the geography of their trips becomes wider, including remote regions: Central Asia, the Far East, Africa, Oceania, etc. The risk of an insured event on a long-distance journey is comparatively higher, unexpected expenses may be significant, and having a good insurance policy is very important in this case.

From now on, all Rietumu Gold and Platinum credit card holders are automatically insured for travelling and receive their insurance certificate in electronic format – when a new card is issued to them, the insurance certificate is uploaded to the online banking site.

In turn, Business class card holders can purchase an insurance policy for an additional fee.

Important to know! For Platinum cards (including the popular “Jurmala” card), insurance applies not only to the client, but also to their family members who travel with them.

Gold card users can apply for additional cards for their relatives – linked to the user’s account – and these cards will include insurance.

The basic principles when developing the programme were its usefulness and value in terms of increasing the level of comfort and safety.

The new insurance programme provides for useful innovations such as a reduction in the flight delay period for obtaining reimbursement (3 hours instead of the standard 4 hours), advanced parameters and terms of compensation in relation to legal assistance and translation services (if necessary); insurance of self-risk when renting a car.

It is very important that the maximum duration of a single trip, during which the insurance policy is valid, is increased to 50 days – without limiting the number of trips during the insurance period.

Special bonuses are offered to holders of “Jurmala” Platinum cards. In addition to the above, they can now enjoy the benefits of insuring purchases (worldwide, including Latvia) and insuring the risk of changes in the price of goods upon purchase (in Latvia).

In addition to all the “practical” bonuses and advantages, the Rietumu cards were and are notable for their impressive appearance and high quality; some of the “lines” were recognised with professional international awards in the area of design. In the design of the “Jurmala” card, for example, the artwork of Janis Krumins (Jānis Krūmiņš), Latvian photographer and politician, “The Amber Sunset on the Riga Seashore” was used. So being a Rietumu card holder and using such a card is not only convenient, but also pleasant and prestigious!

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