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With the support of Rietumu, international chess tournaments are being held in Riga

12-Jul-2019, 10:39 / Charity & Sponsorship From 11 July to 25 July, the FIDE Grand Prix Series tournament named after Mikhail Tal is being held in Riga, which has brought together the best chess players from all over the world. Along with this, the international children’s tournament Riga Holidays will also take place.

The organisation of these events in the capital of Latvia is being supported by Rietumu Bank’s Charity Fund.

The Grand Prix series of chess tournaments began on 11 July, and on 12 July, the first Grand Prix round will take place, in which there is a single-elimination tournament, where 16 grand world chess champions will compete. Those who did not pass the first round will have a chance to compete in the Mikhail Tal rapid chess tournament (rapid), and participants who are not lucky in the second round will be able to compete in the Mikhail Tal blitz chess memorial (blitz).

The Mikhail Tal chess memorial starts on 16 July. On the same day, the rapid chess competition (16-17 July) and the blitz chess competition (18 July) will begin, which will take place over two days. These tournaments are expected to have the largest number of participants: it is planned that about 250 chess players will take part in them, including 50 grandmasters.

In the course of the international tournament Riga Holidays (20–24 July), which will be held along with the adult competitions, the best chess players among children will be determined.

“Riga has historically been an important centre of the world chess map. First of all, this is due to the accomplishments of Mikhail Tal, an outstanding grandmaster, who lived and worked in our city. The largest chess tournaments have taken place here, and we are very pleased that this glorious tradition continues to this day, and Riga remains one of the main chess capitals. Figuratively speaking, this means that Mikhail Tal’s cause lives on and triumphs. For our part, we are glad to have the opportunity to support respected events such as prestigious international chess tournaments for adults and children, in every respect”, says Inga Shina, Chairperson of the Board of Rietumu Bank’s Charity Fund.

At each Grand Prix stage, the winner will be determined in a single-elimination tournament for 16 chess players. In each round, the rivals will have to play two matches, after which, in the event of a tie, a tie-break is expected (rapid and blitz chess). The two best-ranked chess players will qualify for the next Candidates Tournament to further compete for entry to the World Chess Championship, where they can attempt to win the world chess title, now being held by Carlsen.

In the Grand Prix stage in Latvia, chess players from the USA, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, China, India, Azerbaijan and Armenia will participate.

The total prize fund for all four stages is EUR 800,000.

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