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Timely Opportunity: Gainful and Stable REIT Funds

20-Nov-2019, 12:33 / Products & Services

In the opinion of many experts, the lasting growth on financial markets seems to be approaching its closing stage. In such a situation, investors traditionally search for alternative options to receive ...

Pre-Auction Exhibition in Rietumu

15-Nov-2019, 13:01 / Charity & Sponsorship

A pre-auction exhibition of paintings, graphics, applied art and antique works has opened in the exhibition hall of Rietumu Bank.The auction, which is traditionally held by Artembassy, will take place ...

Changes in Rietumu Bank’s Working Hours due to National Holiday

13-Nov-2019, 16:33 / Products & Services

Due to National holiday – Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia, on Monday, 18 November, the bank will be closed.The brokerage department and trading platforms will work as usually from 9.00 a.m. ...

A New Campaign “Our Search for the Best Nurse” Has Started

13-Nov-2019, 15:01 / Charity & Sponsorship

On 12 November, a new campaign “Our Search for the Best Nurse”, conducted by Rietumu Charity Fund, was started. The goal of this campaign is to attract public attention to the importance of the nurse’s ...

Golden Mask Actors Planted Sakura in Riga

29-Oct-2019, 11:08 / Charity & Sponsorship

Last Friday, Russian artists, who arrived to the festival Golden Mask in Latvia, planted a tree in Riga, following the established tradition. This time, the Kanzan sakura, which grows in Japan, Korea ...

Payments to Ukrainian banks: new IBAN format accounts

17-Oct-2019, 14:21 / Products & Services

Please note that starting from 31 October 2019 all accounts in Ukrainian banks will be adjusted to International Bank Account Number (IBAN) standard. According to the financial legislation of the country, ...

With the Support of Rietumu, the Exhibition of Aleksandra Belcova Is Held

17-Oct-2019, 13:29 / Charity & Sponsorship

An exhibition of the renowned Latvian artist Aleksandra Belcova has opened in the Latvian National Museum of Art.The exhibition is held with the support of Rietumu Bank’s Charity Fund. The exposition ...

Rietumu Bank Has Awarded the Best Medical Nurses of the Children’s Hospital

09-Oct-2019, 16:27 / Charity & Sponsorship

On these days, Rietumu Bank’s Charity Fund awarded annual honorary prizes “Bērnu slimnīcas lepnums” (Pride of the Children’s Hospital) and cash bonuses to the best medical nurses of the Children's Clinical ...

With the Support of Rietumu Bank, the Exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky Opened

08-Oct-2019, 16:17 / Charity & Sponsorship

An exhibition of works of the outstanding artist Ivan Aivazovsky - the “Metaphysics of Light” opened in the Art Museum Riga Bourse.The exposition has been organised with the support of Rietumu Bank and ...

Exhibition of Arthur Nikitin and Viktorija Pelshe at Rietumu

17-Sep-2019, 17:19 / Charity & Sponsorship

A joint exhibition of two outstanding artists and sculptors - Viktorija Pelshe and Arthur Nikitin has opened at Rietumu Gallery: “V & A. Meeting in September”.Viktorija Pelshe and Arthur Nikitin are our ...

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