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Share information

ordinary shares:
101 633 700
preference shares:
19 020 308

Ordinary Shares
Rietumu Bank’s ordinary shares are shares with voting rights. The nominal value of one share is € 1.40.
Rietumu ordinary shares are not listed.

Preference Shares

Rietumu Bank’s preference shares are noncallable perpetual shares without voting right but with preference over ordinary shares to receive dividends.

Preference shareholders receive the same dividends as ordinary shareholders in relation to their shareholding in the bank, but with minimum dividend payment which is defined as percentage of issuance price and if not paid, it is accumulated.

It is upon General Shareholders’s Meeting discretion to delay the dividend payments indefinitely.

Preference share shareholders acquire voting rights, if the Bank does not pay dividends to the owner of the Preference shares for 2 financial years in turn or pays only part of them.

The nominal value of one preference share is € 1.40.

Preference shares are not listed and were sold via a closed emission to a select group of the Bank’s clients.

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