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Cash Reserve Fund USD

This Subfund has been established for the purpose of receiving a relatively stable income, retaining fast access to the invested funds. The Subfund provides an opportunity for efficient management of free assets on a short-term time horizon for its investors, by investing in short- and medium-term securities, money market instruments with low and moderate risk levels, as well as placing assets on deposits in credit institutions. The target yield of the Subfund is close to the yield of short-term debt securities and short-term saving banking products.

The time horizon of a potential investor is short-term – up to one year, and the risk tolerance is low.
The Subfund investors can be both private individuals and legal entities.

Basic Information
Name of the Subfund
Rietumu Asset Management Cash Reserve Fund–USD
Stock Ticker Symbol
Date of Establishment
1 September 2014
Registration Place
USD (US dollar)
Price Calculation
Purchase Commission
Sale Commission
Management Fee
0.1% (per annum)
Custody fee
0.15% (per annum)
Custodian bank
Rietumu Bank
SIA BDO Assurance
Financial year
31 December
The minimum investment amount
1 000,00 USD
Show data for the period:   -
1 day
1 month
3 months
1 year
Cash Reserve Fund USD
Portfolio Structure
Geographical exposure
Industry-based exposure

    Investment certificates of the Rietumu Asset Management investment funds are distributed by Rietumu Bank.
  • The client must have current and investment accounts open in Rietumu Bank.
    • The client completes the standard TRANSACTION FULFILMENT ORDER of Rietumu Bank by providing:
    • Identification data of the Investor:
      First name, surname, passport number or personal identity number of the Investor – for private individuals;
      name and registration number of the Investor – for legal entities;
    • Current account number of the Investor;
    • Number of the financial instruments account and the cash account of the Investor;
    • Type of order (purchase);
    • Name of the Fund;
    • Cash amount for the acquisition of investment certificates of the Fund.
  • The client submits to Rietumu Bank
  • Funds are debited from the cash account and credited to the investment account, becoming shares of the Fund

The client can acquire / sell shares of the investment funds on any business day.

The cost of shares of all Funds of Rietumu Asset Management is revalued every business day. Information about the Fund value is published on www.rietumu.lv by 12:00 Latvian time.

When Rietumu Asset Management receives and registers the client’s order for the purchase / sale of the Fund’s shares by 15:00 Latvian time, the order shall be fulfilled in accordance with the price calculated on the day of receipt of the order. When Rietumu Asset Management receives and approves the client’s order after 15:00 Latvian time, the order shall be considered as received on the next business day.

Risk Profile
High risk
Risk Profile
Low expected return
High expected return

The synthetic indicator shows the Sub-fund risk category based on the Sub-fund return fluctuation indices during the previous five years.

To calculate the synthetic indicator for the period when there is no Sub-fund information available, the benchmark return data are used.
The benchmark is the Bloomberg USD Investment Grade Composite 1-3 Years Bond Index.

The Sub-fund is included in the first risk category, as the historical year fluctuation of the Sub-fund return data is within the interval of 0.0% to 0.5%. The lower category does not mean that there is no risk. Historical data of the synthetic indicator cannot be a safe performance index in the future. The indicated risk category is not guaranteed and can change in the course of time.

Important Information

There is no guarantee that the Subfund will reach its investment goals, and even figures of previous operations cannot serve as an indicator of future income.

Articles of Association of the Fund
Prospectus of the Fund
Information for the Investors
List of Places of Performance and Transaction Partners
Transaction Performance Policy
Policy of Preventing Conflicts of Interests
Funds factsheet
Investment related costs

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Rietumu Asset Management provides its clients with an opportunity of forming an Individual Investment Portfolio.

The Individual Investment Portfolio is a flexible investment product compiled specifically for the client, with account of his goals, requirements, expectations and restrictions.

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