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International business lending

Rietumu Bank reviews and grants loans to corporate customers in Latvia, Russia and CIS countries for business project development in various sectors of the economy.

Every loan project is thoroughly analyzed by Rietumu Bank on an individual basis.

Core criteria of the project evaluation are:

  • Reliable sources of the loan repayment
  • Customer’s capability to implement the submitted business plan.

The Bank also takes into consideration the sufficiency of own financial resources of the potential borrower and readiness to invest these resources in the project financing.

Amongst other criteria, the Bank’s decision is always made taking into account that the form, certain conditions and terms of lending depend on the implementation terms and conditions of particular projects.

Rietumu Bank offers a wide range of financing solutions – long-term and short-term loans, credit lines and overdrafts, factoring as well as trade finance facilities.

Our experienced bank specialists will advise you the loan product, which most closely corresponds to your specific business needs and purposes.

Real estate, manufacturing equipment and other fixed assets as well as inventory and receivables can be considered by the Bank as a collateral.

A joint decision about loan granting and loan conditions is made by the Credit Committee of the Bank. In case of reviewing loans of large amounts, the decision made by the Credit Committee is approved by the Council of the Bank in accordance with the Credit Policy of the Bank.

Bank does not review any project financing applications containing indications of speculation.
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