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Insurance for payment cards issued before 01.04.2019

Rietumu Bank offers travel insurance policy to the cardholders of VISA / MasterCard Corporate cards

As an additional service to cardholders of Corporate, Gold, Platinum, Jurmala cards Rietumu offers a travel insurance policy* covering medical expenses and incidental travel expenses during a trip abroad. The insurance policy is provided by the company AAS "BALTA", which is already for nine years, recognized as the most fair insurance company in Latvia!

Medical Expenses
(medical aid rendered abroad; stationary or ambulatory treatment; transportation to the nearest medical facility or to the place of your residency)**
** the insurance shall not cover sport accidents
EUR 80 000
Dental Services
EUR 200
Repatriation in the Event of Death
(in case of death of the insured – transfer expenses to country of origin)
EUR 80 000
Medical transport in the country of origin
EUR 80 000
Traveling expenses for the arrival of close relation
EUR 15 000
Accidents insurance
EUR 10 000
Patient’s repatriation
EUR 80 000
Child evacuation
EUR 5 000
Telephone communication expenses indemnification
EUR 30
Legal Expenses
EUR 500
Replacement of the Insured
EUR 1 000
Traveling documents (passport, ID)
EUR 200
Delay in a Trip Due to RTA
EUR 500
Civil liability
EUR 30 000
The insurance policy is issued for the period of validity of the card.

The insurance is valid during the stay abroad for 180 days within two years, and the length of each trip is not more than 45 consecutive days.

Insurance cover applies worldwide except the country of origin.
For an additional fee it is also possible to get insurance for sports.

Travel insurance terms and conditions

Contacts: E-mail travel.balta@balta.lv or by phone number +371 67 500 174 (24/7).
*AAS”BALTA” travel insurance policy is issued starting from January 1st, 2016.

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