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Accounts Types

Rietumu bank’s customers can open all types of accounts linked to various financial products: accounts and card accounts, savings, investment and escrow accounts.

Both private and corporate entities are eligible to open accounts in Rietumu. To start working with the bank, it is necessary to open a currency account.

All accounts have IBAN format numbers in line with an international standard for identifying bank accounts in EU countries.

You can manage your Rietumu accounts:

  • using remote systems: Internet bank iRietumu;
  • using multichannel telephone communication with our round-the-clock information service +371 67025555.

You can monitor your accounts using M-bank system, allowing to receive email or mobile phone notifications.

Our experienced specialists offer advisory services and assistance in choosing and opening an account. These specialists will also professionally help you in further cooperation with Rietumu.


You can use this account for transfers, currency exchange, automatic transfers, residual cash inflow management and other bank operations.

The list of acceptable currencies that can be accepted for accounts servicing, transfers, paid out in cash, credited and held on the accounts of the client: EUR, CHF, JPY, RUB, AMD, BYN, CNY, CZK, KZT, NOK, PLN, SEK

Account gives you the following advantages:

  • funds are held on your account in a currency, in which they were paid in; you choose a type and time of currency conversion yourself
  • you do not have to convert incoming funds in a particular currency
  • there is no need to open separate accounts for each currency.

Bank account service implies the following rules:

  • almost all currency payments are executed on the same day with no additional charges
  • a customers pays for opening an account only once.

Card account

Card account is opened for every credit card in one currency. You can use funds held on a card account to pay for goods and services with a card (in stores and Internet), as well as to withdraw cash in ATMs worldwide.

You can use funds on your card account whether yourself, or you can authorise other individuals to – for this purpose you need to apply for a supplementary card, which will be tied to your account.

Card account allows using direct debit service, i.e. to pay regular invoices automatically; it also allows transferring funds from current to a card account.

Investment account

Investment account for securities transactions. Customers of Rietumu bank can avail of a comprehensive range of investment services, including FOREX deals, electronic trading platforms, purchase/sale of futures, shares, bonds, contracts for difference, securities loans, investment funds and trust asset management.

Escrow account

An escrow account assists with sale/purchase transactions, including real estate deals by reducing the risk between the involved parties to the minimum. The buyer, the seller and the bank sign an agreement in which they mutually agree on the documents necessary and the terms and conditions of a deal to be carried out, whereas the bank controls observance of these terms conditions. The escrow account can be used for the deals financed by Rietumu and in other cases.

Basic Account of Consumer

JSC “Rietumu Banka” (hereinafter – Bank) ensures that natural persons - consumers and residents of the European Union receive the service “Basic Account of Consumer” for the purposes of the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money.

Within the service “Basic Account of Consumer” the Bank offers:

  • opening and servicing of a current account in EUR currency;
  • receipt of identification and authorization tools;
  • activation and use of remote management systems;
  • crediting of funds to a current account;
  • cash withdrawal at the central office of the Bank;
  • non-cash transfers, provided that the recipient’s account is opened in the payment institution located in Latvia or the member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

To receive the service “Basic Account of Consumer” and if you have any questions about the service please apply to the Bank’s Operation Hall in the Headquarters in Riga.

The Bank takes the decision on provision of the service “Basic Account of Consumer” within 10 (Ten) business days from the date when all documents requested by the Bank have been submitted. Service “Basic Account of Consumer” may be refused in cases specified in the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money.

It is not required to use other products and services of the Bank in order to receive the service “Basic Account of Consumer”.

Tariffs for a Basic Account of Consumer

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