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Safe Boxes

Special things need special safety. Rietumu Bank offers double safety - due to the quiet atmosphere in Latvia and due to the extraordinary security measures at our Bank.

Individual Safe Depository at Rietumu Bank is available both for Private and Corporate customers. To keep various valuables and for different periods of time, you can choose one of the several sizes. The smallest safe is 41х245х435 mm and fits papers, envelopes or a jewelry box. The biggest safe is 300х260х405mm; it easily fits objects size of rugby ball. You can rent the safe for as long as you want: from an hour up to several years.

To rent a safe, you need an agreement with the Bank. After you sign an Agreement and pay for the whole period for using the safe, you will receive a PIN number and 2 original keys. Then you proceed into the safe room where the Bank workers install an original lock into the door of your safe right in your presence.

The safe boxes are located in our Central Office in Riga.

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